When Do Bondsman Work?

The world of a bondsman doesn’t have a typical nine to five, give days a week type position.  When looking at professionals that work with Huntington Beach Bail Bonds, they are on the job twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  The reason for this is that the court system and the justice system never shut down.  People are always committing crimes and police officers are always patrolling the streets.

When it comes to getting people out of jail however, this is a typical nine to five position.  The reason for this is that typically a bond hearing starts at eight in the morning and goes till noon.  Anything after that will typically be pushed off to the next day.  This means, if you are arrested after five o’clock, you will be spending the night in jail.

Bondsmen also work throughout the night in some situations. A bondsman that works at a business such as Acme Bail Bonds Huntington Beach may find themselves out on the street watching their charges for violations and other suspicious activities. 

Typically, when something is going to go down it is between midnight and four A.M.  The reason for this is that it is the peek time for criminal activity.  Most people are in bed and most people don’t think people are looking.  For a bondsman, this is the best time to catch people in the act.

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If you are caught in the act, then a bondsman can violate you.  This is similar to arresting you but different.  Since you are in their charge, they have the right to determine your punishment.  This can be a simple slap on the wrist to a full violation where they revoke your bond and send you back to jail.

If you are ever on bond, it is important that you build a positive relationship with the bond company and the bondsman you work with.  This bond will be the form of a good relationship if you ever need their services again in the future.