What Are Fogging And Fogging Machines

Getting rid of mosquitos from your house and backyard is important. You can use several repellants, but you will only be protecting yourself temporarily. The best way of going about living mosquito-control is to hire a mosquito control company in Windsor. You must be curious about how commercial mosquito control differs from domestic mosquito protection. In this article, you will learn about the most common mosquito control method used by professionals.

What Is Fogging

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Fogging is the process of spraying chemical mixtures into the air at high pressure. The pressure makes the liquid chemical come out in the form of gas to spread throughout a room at ease.

The most commonly used pharmaceutical used for chemical fogging is a mixture of silver ion solution and hydrogen peroxide. Both the pharmaceuticals are perfect for making mosquitoes either fly way from the vicinity or die.

Once the chemicals have been spread throughout the room, it begins to settle on the floor and other surfaces. Therefore, they stay and act for longer in a room than you can see and sense.

What Is A Fogging Machine

There are several types of fogging machines used for various functions. The fogging machine in question here is the one used by professionals to get rid of pesky mosquitoes.

Professionals fit the required chemicals into the machine and set it to the required pressure. The machine allows control over the quantity of chemicals being released into the air.

The same machine can also perform fumigation, depending on the chemicals being used.


Personal protection is always a must when it comes to mosquito control. However, you can also get rid of these pesky pests by getting your space fogged or fumigated by a professional mosquito control company. Fogging is a temporary solution to mosquito infestation, but fumigation is the permanent solution.