Packing For A Big Move

When it comes to making moving less stressful, there are a few hacks that will keep everything flowing easily for you. One of the hardest things about moving is the packing, and unless you are a professional packer, you might have some problems making sure everything is kept safe for the trip. First, make a list of everything that can be considered fragile and put it aside.

Wrapping everything in bubble wrap can be a good idea, but there are some other ways to keep your valuables safe. First, you can stuff smaller things in socks and gloves to make durable baggies. If you’ve got wine glasses for instance, you can wrap them in socks and place them together.

When packing fragile items for mobile storage in Miami, FL, make sure to stuff them inside their box and make sure there is no wiggle room. Some of the worst damages from moving come when the truck hits a bump and the items slide around. Keep them packed up and tight to ensure that they remain still when bumps happen.

If you have larger items that have to be disassembled, then take the items apart and make sure they all go into the same box so you can easily put it together when it arrives at your new home. You don’t want to search ten different boxes for ten different pieces and then not be able to put them all together when the time comes.

Label the boxes and take pictures if you must, but you should have a knowledge of where everything is without having to do much searching. Or even worse, wondering if a box was left behind.

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Inventory management of how many boxes you have and the goods inside of each box will become a valuable skill during both the loading and unloading process. So, make sure you pull out your inner micromanager for the move.