How to pick the right cleaning supplies for your tasks

There are a lot of different cleaning supplies out on the market that you can choose form.  For many, going by name brands and fancy commercials is typically the way in which they choose the products that they use.  However, the way that most people should look at this is in how they affect the environment. One of the best ways to clean up and protect the environment is to use Eco friendly commercial cleaning in Melville, NY.

What is an ECO product?

The world ECO represents Ecology.  This is the world in which we live.  When we use natural based products, we are using the natural environment to clean up the natural environment. 

Eco friendly commercial cleaning in Melville, NY

Why go green?

It is important that we go green.  If we continue to use artificial cleaners and products, we are just releasing them back into the environment.  When we wipe down or clean a surface and we use a paper towel for instance, we wipe up that spill and then discard the paper towel.  Well, the paper towel then goes into the trash which goes to a dumpster which then goes to a landfill which then degrades back into the Earth.  This process can take thousands of years and while degrading, leak harmful chemicals that we then consume in our food and water.

When we go green, the process is similar except that when the product breaks down, it doesn’t cause harm to the environment.  In fact, it could actually do some good to the environment by returning natural compounds back into the soil.

They don’t burn or irritate

Another thing is that when we use harsh chemicals, they are designed in a way that they could irritate the skin, get into our eyes and mouth and burn and do a lot of damage.  This is something that we don’t want to have happen.  We want to clean our environment not get sick from it.